Historical Congressional Record Now Online

Portions of the Congressional Record that have never been online are now available on HeinOnline.  Currently, volumes 1-69 (1873-1928) and 121-182 (1975-2007) are online and fully searchable. 

For the first time, legal researchers can use online searching techniques to analyze congressional debates on legal topics that are still relevant today such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Ethics in Government Act. 

Hein is adding more volumes of the Congressional Record; soon congressional debates on other ground-breaking legislation such as ERISA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the Voting Rights Act will be available. 

Georgetown users can access the Congressional Record online from anywhere.  Newer volumes of the Congressional Record  (1994 forward) are freely available from GPO Access, while a few of the first volumes are freely available online from the Library of Congress.

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