New Group Study Room Reservation System

The library is pleased to announce an upgrade to our group study room reservation system. Starting Monday March 23, for members of the Law Center community to reserve a room for Monday, March 30 or later, please go to:

The new system has some great features:

One important limitation is that the new system will not automatically notify everyone in your group. So if you make a reservation, please remember to forward the confirmation e-mail.

For reservation dates prior to March 30, please continue to use the old system.

We hope you like this upgrade. Please fill out our suggestion form if you have any feedback.

Update, 3/25/2015:

Check out this two-minute video to quickly learn how to use the new reservation system.

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Movie Night?

Check out the new DVDs available to all members of the Georgetown Law community! We’ve recently added many new titles to our collection, including House of Cards, The Good Wife, The Butler, Gone Girl and much more!

butler                                                    judge

All DVDs are located on the left side of the Williams Reading Room behind the Reading Room Reserve by the photocopier. The movies can be checked out for three days by taking them to the circulation desk. Just show your ID and they’re yours for three nights. Take a study break and watch a movie this weekend!

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Lights, Camera, Learning

"Green Screen" by Sam Greenhalgh - Creative Commons License

“Green Screen” by Sam Greenhalgh – Creative Commons License

A recent study found that 79 percent of students view educational video on their own time to assist in their learning.  Do you know that Georgetown Law Librarians create our own tutorials to help you learn valuable research skills?

Visit our tutorials page to see what we have to offer on topics ranging from basic Bluebook citation form to conducting complicated legislative history research.  And if you need a tutorial on a subject we do not cover, please contact Jill Smith to suggest a new title.

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Law Library Student Survey – 2015

To all current Law Students:

The Law Library is conducting a survey of all Georgetown law students. Please take about 10 minutes to give us your feedback on the law library’s collections, services and any related matters. We promise to read every comment submitted, and we’ll do what we can to act on and respond to your feedback.

Take the 2015 Law Library Survey

For the Spring 2015 Georgetown Law Library Survey, we will award four prizes of $50 to be added to the winners’ Georgetown GoCards. After completing the survey, you’ll have a chance to enter your email address to be entered for the drawing. We will keep the survey open through Monday, March 23rd and plan to announce student winners soon after this.

It should only take a few minutes to complete the voluntary survey. Based on feedback in prior years, we revised the past exam archive, added additional armchairs and sofas on the 4th floor of the Williams Library, released a new Map-It feature for the catalog, added a flat screen display in severstudy room, purchased additional book scanners, and replaced all desktop computers in the public areas in Wolff and Williams.

In 2104, 540 students replied, with representation from each class as shown here:


You can review a summary of survey responses from 2007 to 2014 on our website.


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Looking for Court Documents?

Bloomberg Law offers members of the Georgetown Law community access to most of the court documents available on PACER. If you’re looking for a docket, complaint or other court document, you might want to try Bloomberg Law.

The library has put together a tutorial to demonstrate how to quickly search for these documents on Bloomberg Law, but feel free to ask a reference librarian if you have any further questions!


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Pizza Party with the Librarians!

Ever wanted to eat some really yummy FREE food while discussing the intricacies of the library’s online resources? Boy howdy, are you in luck! It just so happens we’re offering free pizza to students this Tuesday, March 3, from noon to one in the Hotung lobby (between Subway and the Sports-Fitness Center). Come talk to us and eat some food. We want your opinions on some of our electronic resources. You want our free food. It’s a match made in heaven (if heaven were kind of lame). Pizza the Hut would approve.

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ABA Law Library Collection on HeinOnline

Looking for access to the Health Lawyer or the Tax Lawyer? What about the ABA Journal? Over 50 publications of the American Bar Association are now available through the HeinOnline ABA Law Library Collection. All members of the Georgetown Law community now can search or read these journals through this database access.

HeinOnlineAlmost all of these journals include archives back to their inception so that you can locate articles published in the past. Browse through the list of publications included to find ABA publications most applicable to your interests.

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Spring 2015 Faculty RA Training

The library will be offering two research training sessions for new faculty research assistants this spring. In this training, research assistants will learn about library services and policies and will gain an introduction to our databases and best research practices.

The sessions will be held at the following dates/times in the Computer Learning Center (CLC) in the Williams Law Library:

• Wednesday, February 4, 3:30pm-4:30pm

• Tuesday, February 10, 12:00pm-1:00pm

To register for this training or request additional information, contact Morgan Stoddard, Research Services Librarian,

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State of the Union Address Archive


Last night, President Barack Obama delivered the sixth State of the Union address of his presidency. Did you know you can access all of the other State of the Union addresses at the American Presidency Project?  While many have been delivered as speeches, some were just submitted to Congress as a written statement. Both James Garfield and William Henry Harrison didn’t even deliver a State of the Union Address.

The American Presidency Project also includes Inaugural Addresses, Executive Orders, College Commencement Addresses and much more. The library also has a research guide on Presidential Documents and directs you to the official publications of these presidential statements.

Feel free to ask a reference librarian if you need any assistance while researching presidential documents.

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The Charlie Hebdo Attacks In France Last Week

Paris and two of its suburbs were the latest locations of attacks perpetuated by Islamic extremists. Sunday, over a million people of various faiths gathered in Paris to show solidarity in wake of the turmoil caused by the violent events. Notably absent among all the world leaders who showed up for yesterday’s march was someone high-ranking from the United States, which led to President Obama acknowledging that the White House should have sent someone to participate.

While there is much that is being said about the events and the motivations behind them, as well as the troublesome nature of the publication itself, there is less being said about the relationship between France and satire. Charlie Hebdo certainly did not rise up from nothing – it was the product of a centuries-long tradition in France. Even as we think of freedom of speech as something that all Western, democratic cultures enjoy, we also know that it differs greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. To learn more about the various discrepancies between countries’ speech policies, you can do a search in our catalog which will lead you to books like this one. To learn more about free speech in France specifically, we’d recommend books like this. One resource that can be immensely useful to you in comparing and contrasting the laws of various countries is the Foreign Law Guide, which is available to you through the library. Another source that could prove useful to you is our database, The International Encyclopaedia of Laws for Intellectual Property Law, provided by Kluwer. This resource discusses elements of artistic expression and speech in France, the UK, the US, and many other jurisdictions.

In the face of awful events, one of the courses of action we can take is to educate ourselves so that we can move forward. Our thoughts are with France in this difficult time.

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