2015 Student Library Survey: Resources and Services Update

In the recent student survey, we received several requests for services or resources that we already offer, and we are pleased to highlight them here. If you have additional questions about any of these, please contact any of our service desks.

  1. Mac computers are available at both locations (3rd floor of Williams, and the ICLC in Wolff).
  2. Mango Languages is available for language support.  Just sign up and get a jump start on learning a new language!
  3. A hot water dispenser can be found in the Canteen (Williams 1st floor).
  4. Hydration stations can be found in both locations (Williams Reading Room, 3rd Floor Wolff).  We are looking to add others.
  5. Leisure reading and DVD collections can be found in the Williams Reading room near the Loewinger Lounge.
  6. Bookstands, dry erase markers, and remote controls for the study room equipment are all available for checkout from our circulation desks.
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Interactive Tools for Exam Preparation

With finals approaching, don’t forget that the Library offers several interactive tools that can provide a break from reading and outlining. CALI lessons also provide feedback so that you know how well you’ve mastered a topic.

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials written by law professors and librarians.  CALI publishes over 800 CALI lessons in 33 different legal subject areas. With so many options, there is likely a CALI Lesson available for most of the topics and subjects you wish to study before exams. If you are registering a free account at cali.org for the first time, note that you must use our school’s authorization code to create a new account. Stop by the reference desk to pick up your authorization code.

AudioCaseFiles  is a collection of digitally recorded reported court decisions. This collection includes MP3 format recordings of cases in many law school casebooks. The media is in MP3 format and once downloaded, the audio can be played from a personal computer, burned to a CD for listening in the car or at home, or a portable player, such as an iPod.  The Law Library has arranged for access for Georgetown Law students. Follow the directions outlined here.


Sum & Substance is a series of lectures on fundamental legal topics, such as contracts or property, recorded in CD format. The lectures offer a condensed summary of each topic, and are delivered by prominent law professors. A list of CDs that Georgetown owns is available from the catalog.   Most Sum & Substance CDs are on reserve at the circulation desk.

The library has many other study aids available, including  Nutshells and Examples & Explanations.  Use the Treatise Finder to locate them by subject.

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Law of Armed Conflict in the Twittersphere: IHL and Game of Thrones

 Game of Thrones Tweet-a-thon

[CAUTION: mild spoiler alert!!]  Last week, April 8-11, the American Society of International Law (ASIL) held its 109th Annual Meeting here in D.C. at the nearby Hyatt Hotel. If you want to match up your love of the HBO series with your commitment to international humanitarian law (IHL) then you might want to follow @HumanityinWar to see the results of a challenge quiz announced at a terrific panel entitled #int_law@social_media that took place on the morning of Friday, April 10th. The American Red Cross, a branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), ran a “Tweet-a-thon” during Sunday night’s season 5 premiere asking ASIL viewers to send tweets assessing violations of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) depicted during the episode, #GoTIHL . (Well, when are they not violating the laws of war?)

To brush up on the Geneva Conventions and its commentary, visit the ICRC website as well to bolster your argument that indeed, the burning at the stake of Mance Rayder (leader of the Wildlings)  while he is a prisoner of war under Stannis Baratheon is a violation of article 13, Geneva Convention (III) relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, 12 August 1949, Humane treatment of prisoners. But what about Jon Snow’s merciful arrow from afar, ending Mance’s suffering? Add the video “web casebook” tour linked at ICRC’s website to your media archive and get started on that one.

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Denim Day

Denim Day

jeansFor several years, a day in April has been designated as “Denim Day” to promote awareness of sexual violence against women.

It began in 1999 in response to an Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) decision that overturned a rape conviction. There was a dispute about consent. In overturning the decision on the consent issue, the court found that it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them.  There is an interesting law review article about this case, Blue Jeans, Rape, and the De-Constitutive Power of Law, in 35 Law & Society Review 89 on HeinOnline.

There was a second, similar case in 2008 where the Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) reviewed a lower court decision with very similar reasoning.  This time the high court overturned the lower court and its own 1999 ruling.  This development has “closely aligned the Italian Supreme Court with the European Court of Human Rights’ dictates, and ultimately has marked a step forward towards gender equality and women’s right to sexual autonomy.”

Women continue to be victims of sexual violence around the world as seen in recent news reports.  Denim Day serves a reminder to combat such attitudes.
photo Attribution License by CananZembil

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Results of the 2015 Student Library Survey

We have concluded the 2015 Annual Student Survey for the Georgetown Law Library.
This year, 387 students responded. Thank you. We appreciate all feedback.

Here’s a quick overview of the representation of student responses:


All students who completed the survey were eligible for a prize drawing.  Congratulations to our four student winners:  A law student (L ’16), Margot B. (L ’17), Christopher W. (L ’16), and another law student (L ’17). Each student received a $50 deposit to his or her GoCard account.

Thank you to all 387 students for participating in this year’s survey. We’ve already started reviewing responses, and we’ll use this input to inform decisions about services and resources.  You can view 2015 quantitative charts and a response summary on our website. For starters, here’s a view of the top items students are seeking on the library website:


The second-most frequent reason listed is to book study rooms.  We recently announced a revision to the group study room reservation system, which we hope is easier to use.

Here’s an overview of the reasons students visit each of our two library locations:


We will publish a summary response at a later date.  Students and others are encouraged to give us feedback at any time.


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New Group Study Room Reservation System

The library is pleased to announce an upgrade to our group study room reservation system. Starting Monday March 23, for members of the Law Center community to reserve a room for Monday, March 30 or later, please go to:


The new system has some great features:

One important limitation is that the new system will not automatically notify everyone in your group. So if you make a reservation, please remember to forward the confirmation e-mail.

For reservation dates prior to March 30, please continue to use the old system.

We hope you like this upgrade. Please fill out our suggestion form if you have any feedback.

Update, 3/25/2015:

Check out this two-minute video to quickly learn how to use the new reservation system.

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Movie Night?

Check out the new DVDs available to all members of the Georgetown Law community! We’ve recently added many new titles to our collection, including House of Cards, The Good Wife, The Butler, Gone Girl and much more!

butler                                                    judge

All DVDs are located on the left side of the Williams Reading Room behind the Reading Room Reserve by the photocopier. The movies can be checked out for three days by taking them to the circulation desk. Just show your ID and they’re yours for three nights. Take a study break and watch a movie this weekend!

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Lights, Camera, Learning

"Green Screen" by Sam Greenhalgh - Creative Commons License

“Green Screen” by Sam Greenhalgh – Creative Commons License

A recent study found that 79 percent of students view educational video on their own time to assist in their learning.  Do you know that Georgetown Law Librarians create our own tutorials to help you learn valuable research skills?

Visit our tutorials page to see what we have to offer on topics ranging from basic Bluebook citation form to conducting complicated legislative history research.  And if you need a tutorial on a subject we do not cover, please contact Jill Smith to suggest a new title.

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Law Library Student Survey – 2015

To all current Law Students:

The Law Library is conducting a survey of all Georgetown law students. Please take about 10 minutes to give us your feedback on the law library’s collections, services and any related matters. We promise to read every comment submitted, and we’ll do what we can to act on and respond to your feedback.

Take the 2015 Law Library Survey

For the Spring 2015 Georgetown Law Library Survey, we will award four prizes of $50 to be added to the winners’ Georgetown GoCards. After completing the survey, you’ll have a chance to enter your email address to be entered for the drawing. We will keep the survey open through Monday, March 23rd and plan to announce student winners soon after this.

It should only take a few minutes to complete the voluntary survey. Based on feedback in prior years, we revised the past exam archive, added additional armchairs and sofas on the 4th floor of the Williams Library, released a new Map-It feature for the catalog, added a flat screen display in severstudy room, purchased additional book scanners, and replaced all desktop computers in the public areas in Wolff and Williams.

In 2104, 540 students replied, with representation from each class as shown here:


You can review a summary of survey responses from 2007 to 2014 on our website.


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Looking for Court Documents?

Bloomberg Law offers members of the Georgetown Law community access to most of the court documents available on PACER. If you’re looking for a docket, complaint or other court document, you might want to try Bloomberg Law.

The library has put together a tutorial to demonstrate how to quickly search for these documents on Bloomberg Law, but feel free to ask a reference librarian if you have any further questions!


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