Want to be a Judge?

The Judicial appointment process can be confusing at best, but a recent Congressional Research Service report explains the process in detail. It focuses on U.S. Circuit and District court appointments and clarifies the role of the President and the Senate in this process.


For information on current members of the Judiciary, consult the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary on Westlaw or BNA’s Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges and Clerks on Bloomberg Law.

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Game of Thrones with Brexit, Britons and Brussels Bureaucrats: the U.K. Referendum on Leaving the E.U.

illustration greatest nations

This way In? Out? Red Wedding?

There is high anxiety on both sides of the Atlantic about the vote today, June 23, 2016, when British voters get to decide if Britain should leave or remain within the European Union.  There is much at stake and speculation about the possibility of a British Exit. As this particular departure would be an unprecedented event in the history of the E.U., no amount of research into the legal, political, or economic situation of the E.U. and its member states could yield a clear answer as to  the ramifications, and readers of this blog may not even see this post until it is all over.

However, the threat of crisis provides an occasion  to explore resources curated by the law library that may provide some understanding of the issues. Check out what one of our British information providers, Oxford University Press, has created alongside its paid database, Oxford Reports on International Law: part of the Oxford Public International Law collection, it is a Debate Map listing official free resources as well as Oxford journal subscription articles, all on Brexit. There is also a good summary of legal and political facts and questions posted today at the blog of the Law Library of Congress, In Custodia Legis: “Brexit Referendum.”

Irrespective of the voting outcome, interest in how the entire matter developed and what future reforms might result from simply holding such a vote may suggest follow-up research projects. For these, may we suggest using our Georgetown Law research guides for the European Union and the United Kingdom.  For tracking continuing developments, we have a guide that links to our array of world news sources, such as Access World News.

Finally, one of the most disturbing developments of all: a commentator in the journal Foreign Policy points out that the HBO series Game of Thrones is produced with some funds from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund, and in the event the British vote to leave the E.U., the filmmakers may no longer have access to those assisting funds, and this is an expensive production!So in addition to possible economic turmoil and recession, recent shows such as last week’s GoT, filmed partly in Northern Ireland, could be at risk. The latest episode in the real life saga is about to be released.

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So…what happened to the books?

Carpeting a library is a complicated process. You have to move the books out of the way in order to lay the carpet, then move them back again. But because the move is so temporary, it’s not a matter of taking the books off the shelf, boxing them up, and then putting them back on the shelves when the carpet is down.

In fact, the shelves need to move too.

So what does a library do? Hire a specialized moving company. Watch below as the team from our library movers transports a full row of shelves from where it had rested out of the way of the new carpet installation back into place in the stacks.

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Why new carpet?

If you’re not in the habit of looking down, you may have wondered why we are installing new carpet in the stacks at the Williams Library. The images below show the dramatic change that the new carpeting makes in just one day (this is one small area of the library–carpet installation is ongoing through July 3, per this previous post).

If you need something that is in an area that is currently closed due to carpet installation, please visit the Circulation Desk for assistance.


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Stay Current with Law360

Need to keep up-to-date with new developments in your practice area? Trying to identify current legal issues for a paper topic?

Law360 offers news and analysis on topics across the legal industry. Search by industry, practice area, litigation type, state, subject, and more.

You can also track developing stories by signing up for daily newsletters on industries or practice areas of your choice. To sign up, please (1) click on “Georgetown Law” on the top right after you log on to Law360; (2) select “Newsletter Signup” from the drop-down menu; (3) enter your LawMail address; (4) select topics for your daily update; and (5) click “Sign Up Now.”

Please ask a Reference Librarian if you have any questions about using Law360.

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Carpet installation in the Williams Library

Starting June 13th and concluding July 3rd carpet will be installed in Williams Library.  During the installation, various floors and or sections of the library will be closed entirely while the old carpet is removed and the new carpet is installed. The rest of the library will remain open as usual. The work will take place from 8:00am to around Midnight, 7 days a week.

If you require materials from stack areas that are closed, the library staff will retrieve them for your use. Please visit the Williams Circulation Desk for information on obtaining materials. While every effort will be made to mitigate the impact, there will be increased noise levels and the potential for fumes from the application of adhesive and the new carpet itself.

Please note that the Wolff Library is not having carpet installed and will be open as usual during this process.

For more information please contact Joe Thomas (jtw48@law.georgetown.edu or by phone 202-662-9162)  or Craig Lelansky (cdl3@law.georgetown.edu or by phone 202-662-9155), or visit the Circulation Desk at Williams Library.

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Summer Reading (and Videos) in Loewinger Lounge

Don’t forget that the library maintains a small fiction collection in the Loewinger Lounge of the Williams Reading Room that can be checked out. Summer is a perfect time to read for fun! Some recent acquisitions of fiction include:


We’ve also got a small collection of legal movies and TV shows, such as The Good Wife, The West Wing, Legal Eagles and others!

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Library Training for Faculty Research Assistants

Library Training for Faculty Research Assistants

The library will be holding two training sessions for new faculty research assistants this summer.  In this training, RAs will learn about library services and policies and will gain an introduction to our databases and to best research practices.

The sessions will be:

  • Tuesday, May 24th, 3:00pm-4:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 1st, 12:00pm-1:00pm

All sessions will be held in the Computer Learning Center (CLC) in the Williams Law Library.

To attend this training, please RSVP here.  Any questions can be sent to Jeremy McCabe, Research Services Librarian, jjm323@law.georgetown.edu, 202-662-9145.

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Thomas.gov to retire on July 5

Congress.gov has replaced Thomas.gov as the go to resource for “searchable access to bill status and summary, bill text, the Congressional Record, Congressional Record Index and committee reports, and executive actions such as nominations, treaties and communications, with historic access reaching back as far as 1973”.

Consequently, Thomas.gov will be retired on July 5th and no longer accessible. Ask a reference librarian if you have any questions about Congress.gov.

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