Essential Evidence Plus Mobile

June 4, 2010

Essential Evidence Plus (EE+) just released their mobile-friendly website and it works with most devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Blackberry.

If you have never used EE+ before, it provides evidence based resources for point-of-care information. It includes searchable and browsable practice guidelines, Cochrane abstracts, daily POEMs, decision rules, test calculators, dermatological images, and more.

Here are instructions for accessing the mobile version:

  1. Go to EE+ homepage
  2. Click on “My Account” tab
  3. Within the big box that says “Access Personal Profile,” click on “register”
  4. Fill out form from on-campus or off-campus via proxy server
  5. On your device, go to
  6. To access from off-campus, users will have to log-in with their personal profile username and password

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Micromedex 2.0

January 25, 2010

Micromedex, the clinical drug database, officially launched it’s new interface (2.0) and can be accessed through the old version by clicking the link along the top of the database’s page. Their new design intends to make finding clinical information about drugs simpler through one search box. Learn more about the new Micromedex.

The new Micromedex interface also works on the your mobile device, including the iPhone and iPod Touch using Safari, but not all tools are available. More information about mobileMicromedex can be found here or by clicking the Mobile link within Micromedex 2.0 on your computer.

A DML help guide about using Micromedex 2.0 is forthcoming. However, in the meantime, register and view a free training video about the new interface here. Or visit this link to find Micromedex Help. Please feel free to add comments here about the new interface.

Micromedex 2.0