Nursing eBooks and Essential Evidence Plus are moving…

During the next month, a small number of resources are moving to new platforms. With these moves, content remains the same but the organization may be different. Access to downloaded app and web-based content provided by the previous platforms will be removed when the moves are complete. The new URLs and major differences are detailed below.

1. Doenges ME, Moorhouse MF, Murr AC. (2016) Nurse’s Pocket Guide : Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales. 14th edition

Topics will now be listed under Chapter 2, Nursing Diagnoses in alphabetical order as well as Chapter 3, Health Conditions and Client Concerns with Associated Nursing Diagnoses.

Nurse’s Pocket Minder will be listed under Nursing Diagnoses Accepted for Use and Research (2015-2017) as well as within Appendix 2.

There is added content in Appendix 1.

2. Vallerand AH, Sanoski CA, Quiring C. (2019). Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses. 16th edition.

The new EBSCO platform will host a new, 2019 edition. There will be added content within many of the chapters such as Evidence Based Practice and Pharmacotherapeutics as well as Overview of Risk Evaluation and mitigation systems (REMS). Other chapters will have similar names such as Natural Herbal Prodcuts and Drugs Approved in Canada.

3. Salisbury C. Diseases and Disorders. 5th Edition.

There are no significant changes between the two versions.

4. Jameson JL, Kasper DL, Fauci As, et. Al. (2018). Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. 20th edition. (formerly Harrisons Manual of Medicine)

The new AccessMedicine platform will host a new 2018 edition.

5. The Diagnosaurus

There is no significant change in the content between the platforms other than the tool is also named DDx on the new platform.

6. Essential Evidence Plus

Essential Evidence Plus is formatted as an eBook rather than a database on the new platform. The content remains the same while the organization will be a little different.

Decision Support tools, the Diagnostic Test Calculators, as well as the History and Physical Exam Calculator will all be listed under the “Calculators” section.

Derm Expert Image View will be listed under the “Image Library” section.

The EBMG Evidence Summaries and Guidelines will be listed underneath “Related Content” and is split into EBMG Evidence Summaries, EBMG Audio Library, EBMG Image Library, and EBMG Video Library.

In order to set up the POEMs alerts:

Set up receipt of daily or weekly POEM emails through your STAT!Ref Preferences account, My STAT!Ref. Create a new account or login to your existing account by clicking My STAT!Ref at the top of the page.
Once logged in to your account, go to the Alerts tab and Enable the Essential Evidence Plus Daily POEMs by clicking the Enable button. You may switch from Daily to Weekly by clicking the appropriate button.

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2 responses to “Nursing eBooks and Essential Evidence Plus are moving…”

  1. Margaret Nolan says:

    Not happy about this. Two of the references that our pre-licensure nursing students use the most were removed and neither myself nor the department Chair knew anything about it. A clinical pharm text is not the same as a nursing drug guide because it is about application from nursing perspective, ie what the nurse needs to know as he/she prepares to give a medication at the bedside is contained in a nursing drug reference. We now need our students to purchase two books that we did not plan for nor order with the bookstore and we need them in the clinical setting.

  2. Angela Barr says:

    Aloha Dr. Nolan,

    Are these the texts that you think have been removed?
    Nurse’s Pocket Guide : Diagnoses, Prioritized Interventions, and Rationales
    Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

    If so, please be assured that your students will still have free access to these texts through DML, just hosted on a different platform than previously. The book content is the same but the “appearance” may be different.
    If not, please let us know which texts you need with our Suggest a Purchase form. Our resoures department will do their best to provide the texts, if possible.

    Let me know if you have additional questions
    Angela Barr

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