Mobile DML

We are happy to announce the beta version of Dahlgren Memorial Library’s mobile site. If you access from a mobile device, you will now be automatically redirected to a mobile version of DML’s mobile resources.

Since this is new, we would really appreciate your feedback. Here is a short and anonymous survey to fill out (also linked on the mobile site).


2 responses to “Mobile DML”

  1. Aykut Uren says:

    When I connected to from my iPad2, I was not directed to DML mobile. It opened in safari and stayed on regular DLM page. Is there a link that we can click on when it does not automatically transfer us?

  2. Excellent question Dr. Uren. At this time, the mobile site is not redirected from the home page while using an iPad. However, you can directly go to the mobile site and bookmark this URL:

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