Apr 01 2009

Tech of Text Paper…again.

by at 11:04 pm

So, I’ve been sitting down to write this thing, and after looking over the 30 pages worth of write-ups I think it’ll make most sense for me to do a reading of Butler’s Erewhon. Also, I found Butler’s article that the Book of Machines section is based on. Here’s the link: http://www.nzetc.org/tm/scholarly/tei-ButFir-t1-g1-t1-g1-t4-body.html. I’ll leave Sister Carrie to my Merish paper.

I’m definitely going to talk about technology and enslavement. Also, C.S. Lewis’s critical essay on technology and how it enslaves man will be really helpful as well.  Okey dokey, that solved that.

Sue Zemka’s 2002 article, “Erewhon and the End of Utopian Humanism,” is really great, and I plan on using it in my paper. Here’s the link: http://0-www.jstor.org.library.lausys.georgetown.edu/stable/30032027?seq=4

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