Winter Weather and Instructional Continuity

Even before Winter Storm Jonas hit DC, faculty were already dealing with weather-related disruptions to scheduled coursework. To help, the university has put together a preparation checklist to help faculty make sure their classes are online-friendly:

  • Establish and discuss modes of communication.
  • Make your syllabus available digitally.
  • Decide how to digitally distribute readings.
  • Designate a centralized place for students to submit work.
  • Explore tools for capturing lectures.
  • Identify an option for holding class or office hours virtually.
  • Consider methods for evaluating learning online.
  • Establish a way to communicate grades and feedback.

There are a range of creative solutions available to facilitate each of these tasks, including Echo360 for capturing presentations, Google Forms for testing, VoiceThread for recording feedback, and Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout for meeting with students as a group. Check out the faculty stories page for examples of how the Georgetown community has used these and other tools to successfully navigate past campus closures, including “Snowmaggedon” in February 2010.

This information and more – including training information for select online tools – can be found on Georgetown’s Instructional Continuity website. At any time, faculty are encouraged to reach out to CNDLS for support and assistance.