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Gaming! Tablets! ITEL! Smoothies!

After a busy second day at TLISI 2015 comprising morning and afternoon concurrent sessions and a lunch presentation, TLISI participants circled back to Copley Formal Lounge for a social hour with smoothies provided by Maui Wowie in keeping with the wellness theme of this year’s TLISI. The smoothies were not the only draw, as some of… Read more »

Playing Until Your Students Win: Teaching with Digital Games and LEV/L

Bill Garr, CNDLS’ Assistant Director of Research and Development, led a session on May 20 at TLISI this year titled “Teaching to the Game,” which introduced faculty to the concept of using digital games in the classroom. Along with Project Coordinator and Instructional Technologist Yong Lee, Bill led the participants through a series of events designed… Read more »

2015-2016 Doyle Faculty Fellows Meet

The 2015-2016 Doyle Faculty Fellows met for the first time on May 18, at the Monday morning session of TLISI. Sixteen fellows from twelve disciplines were awarded the Fellowship position for next academic year. During the first morning of TLISI, the Fellows introduced themselves and the courses they plan to redesign. Three of the sixteen faculty members… Read more »

Andria Wisler Shares Thoughts on the Promises of Community Engagement at Day Two of TLISI 2015

Andria Wisler, Executive Director of the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service gave a reprisal of her TedX talk from last fall. A theme from her TedX talk was Ithaca, The Road Not Taken, a reference to both Homer’s Odyssey and Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.”  Andria’s story begins when her… Read more »

Flipping the Classroom with Georgetown Students

On Tuesday, May 19, TLISI hosted a session on hybrid and flipped classrooms, which combined presentations from three ITEL project recipients with participant conversations directed at the articulation of online activities in their own teaching. Moderated by CNDLS staff members Dedra Demaree and Peter Janssen, the session began as each participant shared four individual thoughts about… Read more »

PODS Sessions Explore Questions of “What If…”

Yesterday’s PODS session culminated in the creation of a gallery of posters from project groups’ interviews. As part of a generative brainstorming exercise, teams toured the gallery and then recorded their observations on yellow post-it notes. The second session (Tuesday, May 19) of the PODS Design Challenge centered on a design criteria debrief, brainstorming, and… Read more »

Framing the Question: Introductions to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Session Title: SOTL Series 1: Examining Student Learning: What do you want to know about your students’ learning?

In the first of a series of three workshops on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sherry Linkon (English) and University of Kansas professor Dan Bernstein helped introduce faculty to the main concepts and guiding principles of SoTL research. Guided by questions like “what really bothers you or gets under your skin?” and “what do… Read more »

TLISI 2015 Recap: Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS) Day 1

Karen Hold of the Education Design Lab launched the first session of the Productive Open Design Spaces (PODS) series as part of the 2015 Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI). Piloted this year, PODS offers faculty the time and space to collaborate with colleagues to advance their projects under a structured design thinking space…. Read more »

Reimagining Higher Education: Designing the Future(s) of the University Project Showcase

How would we design a university if we were starting one today? This and many other thought-provoking questions were among the topics of discussion at the close of the first day of TLISI. The goal of the showcase was to explore the various forms of experimentation and educational initiatives taking place around the university. Participants… Read more »

Using Technology to Enhance Instructional Continuity

When snow days, conferences, or other disruptions occur, instructional continuity plans can be used to keep courses and students on track. This TLISI session, presented on Monday, May 18, included a panel of instructors who gathered to discuss how they have used technology to implement and enhance instructional continuity. Panelists described a wide range of… Read more »