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Supporting Undergraduate Research at Georgetown: New Podcast Episode

Opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research can be profoundly impactful for learning and mentorship experiences, while also providing opportunities for institutions to further scholarship and research in various fields (Adebisi, 2022; Blanton, 2008; Knight et al, 2021). While there are several ways for students to get involved in undergraduate research at Georgetown, many… Read more »

Top 5 Podcast Episodes for Winter Break, from What We’re Learning About Learning

It is that time of year again—time to take stock of a year finished and decompress before the next begins. As you settle into winter break, reflecting on the past semester of teaching, we invite you to kick back with a hot tea, relax in your favorite chair, and listen to a podcast episode or… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning Podcast: Religious and Spiritual Diversity in the Classroom

Religious and spiritual identity is a complex, often invisible, and important element in the diversity of our students; our approach to this diversity can powerfully shape a student’s experiences in our courses. As we explore in the current episode of our podcast, What We’re Learning About Learning, some choices can help all of our students… Read more »