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Small Teaching: Considerations for Teaching this Spring 

This week, in preparation for the first day of classes, we hosted another rendition of Digital Learning Days, an opportunity to bring together faculty, graduate students, and staff across Georgetown to discuss using digital tools in everyday teaching, and as always, core principles of effective pedagogy. We were joined by Jesse Meiller (Environmental Science), Jason… Read more »

Calling Interested Faculty: Join the Engelhard Project in Spring 2017

This spring, the Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning continues its eleventh year at Georgetown University. And we’re looking for new faculty fellows to work with us next semester in integrating innovative approaches to student well-being into their courses. Read on for more information about the project and how to apply. Rooted in the… Read more »

2016 President’s Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

For four years, Georgetown has acknowledged distinguishing faculty who have had an extraordinary impact on research and student engagement through the President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers. In recognition of their incredible dedication to both the formation of young people and unrestrained scholarly inquiry, President DeGioia has named Darlene Howard (Psychology), Donald Langevoort (Law), and Anton Wellstein (Oncology & Pharmacology) as the recipients for 2016…. Read more »

Hear from Faculty, Share with Faculty: Peer Perspectives on the Teaching Commons

This fall, we’re using the CNDLS blog to highlight the Teaching Commons, a compilation of resources and case studies designed to help faculty revitalize their courses and gain insights into practical issues in pedagogy at Georgetown. As a living resource, the site continually evolves to encompass new scholarship in teaching and learning, as well as technological innovations that are changing and enhancing… Read more »

Faculty of Languages and Linguistics gather to discuss pedagogical approaches

CNDLS is excited to share the news of a new group of Faculty of Languages and Linguistics at Georgetown who are meeting together to discuss pedagogical approaches to teaching Foreign Language Business Culture courses. Currently, such courses are offered in a variety of languages, from Spanish (Héctor Campos) and Portuguese (Michael Ferreira) to Korean (Hei… Read more »

Faculty Perspective: The Doyle Initiative

“In addition to trying to get students to think about diversity and tolerance, I actually got them to learn more social psychology; the whole process of thinking about each of the topics in a personal and applied way led to better academic understanding as well as good ethical applications.”