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Teach Responsively: Hear from Students with a Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback Session

How are your classes going? The middle of the semester, while there’s still time to make adjustments, is a great time to ask that question, but we know finding the answer might be difficult. Luckily, CNDLS is here to help. As part of our assessment work, CNDLS offers Mid-Semester Teaching Feedback sessions—otherwise known as MSGFs—to any… Read more »

Work Starting to Pile Up? Here’s a Little Help with Responding to Student Work

This fall, we’re using the CNDLS blog to highlight the Teaching Commons, a compilation of resources and case studies designed to help faculty revitalize their courses and gain insights into practical issues in pedagogy at Georgetown. As a living resource, the site continually evolves to encompass new scholarship in teaching and learning, as well as technological innovations that are changing and… Read more »

Assessment Portal Launched

CNDLS is pleased to share the new Assessment Portal, which collects a wide variety of resources related to assessment of student learning at Georgetown. You’ll find information about techniques for course- and program-level assessment, sample rubrics, relevant articles, and more.

Evaluating Student Work on Blogs

In this post on the Georgetown University Digital Commons Labs blog, Program Coordinator Anna Kruse shares some strategies for evaluating student work on course and research blogs. She points out some useful resources, including rubrics that you might adapt for your own teaching.

From the Archives: Terrel Rhodes on the VALUE Project

In an interview with Randy Bass, AAC&U’s Terrel Rhodes discusses the VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) Project, which “works to develop approaches to assessment based upon examples of student work completed in their courses and saved over time in an ePortfolio.”

Assessment 2.0

In the following post, CNDLS Graduate Associate Lindsay Pettingill addresses the challenges of assessment in the digital age and shares a helpful resource.