Science in the Public Interest

CNDLS staff members, led by Assistant Director for Science Programs Janet Russell, are collaborating with Georgetown’s Science in the Public Interest (SPI) Program on an innovative virtual forum project.

The project is designed to complement the fall semester course “Science and Society: Global Challenges” (Bio 361 / Phys 203), taught by Professor Francis Slakey, which introduces students to challenging issues at the intersection of science and public policy. Students in the course research topics such as global energy consumption, infectious disease, and weapons of mass destruction, and then meet with leading scientists and policy experts to help them develop policy proposals.

The virtual forums, produced by CNDLS in collaboration with the University of California – Davis, will add a dynamic element to the course. Forums will include videotaped lectures, Q&A sessions, blogs, moderated discussions, bibliographies, and other resources. By bringing together a diverse group of experts in their fields for discussions on topical issues, the forums will not only enrich course content, but will provide a platform for public scholarship and collaboration.

Stay tuned for more on this exciting project!