Georgetown Faculty Speak on Chat GPT & AI in Higher Ed

In the spring, we published a What We’re Learning About Learning podcast episode on the emergence of artificial intelligence tools like Chat GPT, and how they may impact teaching and learning. Listen to the episode to hear how faculty initially responded to the growing popularity of AI tools, and learn more about the episode on Chat GPT below. You can look forward to a part two to this conversation, coming soon—but before then, we invite you to familiarize yourself with some recent discussion about teaching with tools like Chat GPT:

At a forum we hosted on AI in the classroom last semester, faculty shared their excitement, concerns and approaches to integrating AI into their teaching practice. In this episode of What We’re Leanring About Learning, we bring you highlights from their conversation, as well as interviews and statements with other GU faculty. There have been so many chat GPT articles and insights that it’s hard to remember why it’s dominating the news cycle. We spoke with computer science professor, Grace Hui Yang, Nick Lovegrove from the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown Computer Science and Linguistics professor Nathan Schneider, and Andy Zeitlin from the McCourt School of Public Policy, as well as Camber Vincent, a Junior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, who serves as the president of the student body, to offer some grounding insight.

In this episode, you can expect to hear more about the ways Chat GPT is already integrated into daily processes, and is evolving. Topics we cover include:

  • The ways Chat GPT resembles human intelligence, as well as the ways it doesn’t;
  • How Chat GPT affects students, especially in conversation with Georgetown’s Honor Code;
  • How Chat GPT affects assignment design;
  • What Chat GPT can be used for, as well as where it is not as successful;
  • Considerations for Chat GPT’s use in language-building and idea generation.

To take a deeper dive into both emerging and longstanding literature, see our Resources and Additional Research sections in our podcast Show Notes. There, you’ll find links to various resources and articles cataloging Chat GPT experiences and proposing best practices.

Additionally, since we’ve published this episode, an array of resources related to Course Policies, Assignment Design, and more have been posted to our website, at