Flipping for Inclusion

Join the CNDLS Digital Learning team on Thursday, September 15 from 11am-12pm for the Digital Webinar, Flipping for Inclusion, where Assistant Teaching Professor MC Chan (Biology) will reflect on how “flipping” his biology classes lead to greater inclusivity and accessibility. 

In 2014, Inside Higher Ed curated a booklet which brings together articles and essays from educators who’ve used the flipped classroom model. In their introduction to the booklet, they synthesize the various definitions and practices faculty across disciplines have used in teaching with this strategy: 

The idea of the “flipped classroom” has taken off in higher education in recent years – and it is used to describe a wide variety of teaching styles. What they have in common is that they largely replace the lecture. For material that might have been delivered in lecture format previously, online instruction is provided in advance of the class. This allows for time in class to be used in different ways – group work, discussion and other forms of highly engaged participatory learning become the norm. 

Discussion of the flipped classroom thus is a mix of teaching with technology – and teaching without technology. It’s about pedagogy, learning and the role of the instructor. And in an era in which educators and policy makers alike want to promote student learning and achievement (not just showing up in class), the flipped classroom has become a key strategy. (Inside Higher Ed, 3)

Today we’ll hear from Professor MC Chan about how this model fosters an inclusive classroom experience for students. In this webinar, he will give advice on how to create effective lecture videos to maximize inclusivity, but also how he uses the in-person class time to model and give space for the students to practice inclusive behaviors. 

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