Final Digital Learning Webinar of Fall Semester: “Using Media in Your Course”, Thursday 11/21 at 12pm

Man filming with production camera

Man filming with production camera

Join us for our final Digital Learning Webinar of the fall semester with “Using Media in Your Course”!  

Using Media in Your Course

As we approach the final weeks of the fall semester, finding new, interesting ways to keep students engaged with course materials can be a challenge.  

In our final Digital Learning Webinar of the fall semester, “Using Media in Your Course”, members of our Online Course Development and Media Production teams will share insight into how media elements can have a profound impact on student learning and retention.  Through real-project examples and tool demos, we’ll share how media like videos, animations, podcasts, and infographics can be used to enhance teaching and learner engagement. We’ll also be joined by a member from the Gelardin New Media Center to share information about the resources and support available on-campus.

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Understand  how multimedia is used in various scenarios to enhance teaching and learning. 
  • Gain greater awareness of media project examples created by faculty, students, and production staff.
  • Understand the process and best practices of media production. 
  • Locate resources for multimedia support across campus.

Join us on Thursday, November 21st from 12:00 – 1:00pm via Zoom to learn more! 

We invite you to register for this webinar today!  Can’t make it? Don’t worry – the presentation portion of the webinar will be recorded and made available on the CNDLS website.

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