Digital Learning Webinar: Using Media in Your Course – Recording Available!

Man filming with production camera

Man filming with production camera

On Thursday, November 21, 2019, CNDLS got together with Gelardin to deliver the final Digital Learning Webinar of the Fall 2019 semester, Using Media in Your Course. The facilitators for the webinar were Barrinton Baynes, Multimedia Specialist at the Gelardin New Media Center; Bingran (Ann) Wang, Online Course Coordinator at CNDLS; and Yiran Sun, Digital Media Designer at CNDLS. Each shared their own unique experience and expertise during this really informative webinar, and we’ve collected all of the links they shared during the webinar in a resource document. You can also, as always, watch the webinar below and download the webinar slides

There was so much excellent content that we didn’t have time to get to all of the questions that were asked during the webinar. As promised, here are the questions and their answers.

How do you embed quiz questions after a video in Panopto?

This is one of those great features of Panopto, Georgetown’s supported lecture-capture software that faculty and staff can use to make screen captures and other video content that can be shared on Canvas and elsewhere. You can embed quiz questions in you videos at any time, not just at the end, by following these steps.

What are some of the available software for creating animations?

Georgetown doesn’t currently support any software for creating animations, however Vyond was the platform shared during the webinar. It is a paid software however, and there are a couple of freemium options available for educators, such as Moovly. Creating animations can be very time-consuming, however, but ultimately effective if done properly. 

Should I track the use of supplemental materials I create?

Depending on what kind of media you are creating (handouts with graphics, audio, video, etc), there are different ways to track views. For example, if you were to create a page in Canvas, you could see how many students visited that page and for how long. Panopto also tracks how many times a video has been viewed. Now, if you are creating supplemental, not required, materials, and they aren’t being viewed, the question then becomes why? Is it because the students don’t need the resource? Is it because it is poorly designed? These are questions to ask as the raw numbers provided by the various platforms only provide a limited perspective. 

What about incorporating Open Educational Resources (OER) into my course?

OER are a great resource in no small part because they are free for the students to use and access. Georgetown Library is in fact a member of the Open Textbook Network – a group of higher education libraries who support and promote the use of open textbooks. But it isn’t just textbooks; Georgetown Library has a helpful guide to sites, resources, and other materials related to OER. You can find a wide variety of OER media that can be incorporated into your course.

What multimedia tools are available in the Gelardin New Media Center?

The Gelardin New Media Center has everything from video cameras, microphones, lights, etc.? Use the following link to see a list of items available to you to check out or use in house: 


This is a good time to remind everyone that you can always contact CNLDS at or the Gelardin Center at for consultations. We are always happy to help you with all of your multimedia needs! 

Want More Webinars?

You can revisit all of our past webinar recordings right here on our Prospect Blog, as well as the various resources and handouts available for each session.

We’ll be back next semester!  Stay tuned for our first Digital Learning Webinar of the Spring 2020 semester, “Discussion-Based Assessments”, on February 27, 2020.  More information will be announced next February.