Digital Learning Webinar: Audio & Podcasting Projects Recording Available!

Student wearing headphones with laptop displaying powerpoint presentation

Student wearing headphones with laptop displaying powerpoint presentation

Credit: Geraldine Cox


Podcasting continues to be an expanding medium, and on Thursday, March 28th, staff from both CNDLS and the Gelardin New Media Center came together to offer an webinar on using podcasting and other audio assignments in the classroom. CNDLS Learning Design Specialists Kim Huisman Lubreski and Sarah Workman teamed up with Gelardin’s Nikoo Yahyazadeh to share their experiences teaching and teaching with podcasting. You can re-watch the webinar above, review the webinar resources handout, or reach out to Gelardin if you’re interested in getting started in podcasting.

They also shared several student examples, which you can listen to here:

As you can see (or rather hear), podcasting can be used in a variety of different disciplines and educational settings. But there were a number of questions during the podcast that this blog post will address in more detail.

I don’t know how to use any of the technology involved in podcasting; what do I do?

That’s fine! Through Gelardin, faculty can can arrange for one-on-one consultations to learn more about podcasting, schedule a multimedia instruction session for their students, and register for “open” workshops to learn more about the nuts and bolts of podcasting.

Are there any resources that specifically address podcasting in a foreign language classroom?

We don’t have anything developed specifically for foreign language classroom, but there are academic studies that show their effectiveness. If you are interested in incorporating podcasting into your foreign language class, please get in touch with CNDLS for pedagogical and with Gelardin for technical help; we will work with you to see how podcasting can work for your students.

How do we assess podcasts? Can you share rubrics?

The Georgetown Writing Program has pulled together a guide of best practices when it comes to assigning and assessing multimodal and multimedia assignments, which includes podcasting. Gelardin has also developed a sample syllabus to help you get started. You can make a copy of it for yourself and modify it as appropriate for your specific podcasting assignment.

Podcasting seems like a lot of work for the students. How do I ensure that they are staying on-task?

Gelardin once again has you covered. They have developed comprehensive guide for audio and podcasting projects, including addressing guidelines for pre-production, production, post-production, and copyright. Scaffolding is the best way to check in with your students during the entire process, with milestones at each step, and opportunities for feedback and revision.

We at CNDLS and at Gelardin are excited to work with you on your ideas for incorporating podcasting into your teaching. Reach out to us with any questions you might have!