What We’re Learning About Learning: Concurrent Hybrid Teaching Resources

As we move back into the physical classroom space, we at CNDLS have collected a number of resources to help you plan, prepare, and troubleshoot possible concurrent hybrid learning situations. These resources are available in multiple modalities–written guides, video tutorials, and podcast episodes that focus on professors’ personal experience. 

In the most recent episode of the CNDLS podcast, What We’re Learning About Learning, we speak with three GU faculty members whose recent and ongoing experiences with hybrid teaching have a lot to teach us about how to approach our own hybrid classrooms with preparation and flexibility. It’s not an easy situation, but it does create openings that the strictly in-person class doesn’t. In the words of Mark Rom, who teaches in the McCourt School of Public Policy and the Government department in the College, “Before the pandemic, if students missed the class, they just missed the class. So that was a missed opportunity for the students to learn from me. It’s a missed opportunity for me to connect with them. So now I can connect with the students in person, if they are able to, or by zoom if they’re not.”

We also have a number of guides from the Instructional Continuity webpage, including a guide for the Spring 2022 semester:

CNDLS records all of their webinars and workshops, and you may find these helpful when teaching your hybrid class. 

There are also a number of external resources that you can consult:

As always, you can reach out to CNDLS at cndls@georgetown.edu with any questions or to set up a consultation.