CNDLS 2022 Website Refresh

It’s launch day! Since its inception in the early 2000s, our website has undergone significant changes in content, design, and functionality, and we’re excited to bring you our latest iteration. Head to and you’ll find that CNDLS has a new look, navigation, and lots of new content to share.

The official CNDLS 2022 website features a user-centered design that leads viewers through the things that have always mattered to us: student-centered learning, innovations in pedagogy and pedagogical technology, inclusivity, and collaborations between faculty, staff, and students. Several rounds of surveys, interviews, and user-testing led us to a new design that we hope will make it easier for you to find the resources you need and get more involved in this work.

The redesign includes a mega menu that displays all the various CNDLS programs and initiatives at a glance. This feature gives users a description of the page that previews the destination. The website’s minimalistic design is responsive to the needs of the user, whether that be a faculty member or someone new curious about what CNDLS offers, while the flexibility of the new interface allows for a variety of pathways through the deep, rich content.

A new feature of the website is the integration of teaching guides through the site. These guides cover the breadth of the teaching experience, from learning goals and syllabus design through inclusive pedagogy, structuring class sessions, and grading, to how to gather teaching feedback and bring the semester to a successful conclusion—and much more. Below you’ll see an image of one such guide: “Conducting Class.” Each guide includes a brief overview of ideas and strategies accompanied by a host of resources and related opportunities: 


CNDLS is excited to welcome everyone to our new online world!