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What We’re Reading: 99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos

illustration by Clare Reid Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to have synchronous class sessions with our students. Between bandwidth issues, time-zone challenges, and general questions of accessibility and even privacy, often asynchronous videos are a better option for both you and your students in an online course environment. However, while we may know how to… Read more »

What We’re Reading: Teaching Online While Keeping Your Sanity and Your Students

illustration by Clare Reid People may be thinking more than usual about teaching online, given the spread of COVID-19 and the possibility that classes may by necessity become temporarily virtual—and great learning can happen in online courses, but only if students stay engaged. Unfortunately, the online space can be one where students more easily disengage…. Read more »

What we’re reading: Co-Creation in Teaching and Learning

illustration by Clare Reid Are teaching and learning things we do to our students, or with our students? Catherine Bovill, a Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement and member of the Learning and Teaching Team at the Institute for Faculty Development at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and currently a Fullbright Fellow at Elon University, thinks… Read more »

What We’re Reading: How to Teach Digital Literacy

Illustration by Clare Reid In my previous review of Safiya U. Noble’s book Algorithms of Oppression, I suggested that we needed to do better at teaching critical literacy skills. But how? I want to share a couple of resources today that were created especially for educators looking to incorporate critical digital literacy skills into their… Read more »