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What We Are Learning About Learning: Teaching and Learning as a Graduate Student

artwork by Clare Reid Graduate students occupy a complicated role in higher education. Situated between undergraduates and faculty, they are students—though they don’t always get the focus and attention that undergraduate students get—and many of them are simultaneously in instructional roles—as tutors, TAs, and instructors of record. In the latest episode of the CNDLS podcast… Read more »

What We Are Learning About Learning: Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Practice

Artwork by Clare Reid Higher education’s deep racial inequalities require more than just building awareness. To properly address these injustices, professors need to engage in anti-racist policies and teaching methods in order to change their classrooms and the campus environment for the better. In the latest episode of the What We’re Learning About Learning podcast,… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning: Beyond the Screen with Experiential Assignments

Illustration by Clare Reid In Episode 3 of our podcast “What We’re Learning About Learning,” CNDLS spoke with faculty and students about experiential assignments in class. These assignments encourage students to step away from their computer, or even outside of their homes, to strengthen their connection to course material as well as their relationships with… Read more »

What We’re learning About Learning: A Pandemic Year In Review—Lessons Learned for Remote Teaching and Learning

image bu Omar Al-Ghossen It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a full year of remote teaching and learning as a result of COVID-19.  While we’re all looking forward to the day when in-person classes can safely resume, higher education has learned a lot through the crisis. In the first two episodes of the… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning: CNDLS’ New Podcast!

In an effort to expand our conversations around teaching and learning, CNDLS is pleased to announce its new podcast series: What We Are Learning About Learning. In order to be as helpful as possible to faculty currently designing their Spring 2021 courses, in our inaugural episode we are focusing on lessons gained by our students… Read more »