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Georgetown Faculty Speak on Chat GPT & AI in Higher Ed

In the spring, we published a What We’re Learning About Learning podcast episode on the emergence of artificial intelligence tools like Chat GPT, and how they may impact teaching and learning. Listen to the episode to hear how faculty initially responded to the growing popularity of AI tools, and learn more about the episode on… Read more »

Supporting Undergraduate Research at Georgetown: New Podcast Episode

Opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research can be profoundly impactful for learning and mentorship experiences, while also providing opportunities for institutions to further scholarship and research in various fields (Adebisi, 2022; Blanton, 2008; Knight et al, 2021). While there are several ways for students to get involved in undergraduate research at Georgetown, many… Read more »

Gender in the Classroom: New Podcast Episode from What We’re Learning About Learning

Gender profoundly affects identity and power structures in the classroom, and many faculty who recognize this are working thoughtfully to promote gender inclusivity in their classrooms. In doing so, they are drawing from a wealth of good evidence-based practices. Indeed, recent scholarship has strived to move from understanding biases in the classroom to preparing effective… Read more »

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This: Alternatives to Traditional Grading

With the end of semester upon us, do you find yourself facing a mountain of grading?  Do you wrestle with the nuances and complexities of assigning grades?  Do you have concerns about how conventional grading practices might impact student motivation and learning?  Do you ever wonder if it has to be like this? If you’re… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning: Inspiring Academic Excellence

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been tuned in to a conversation about balance in higher education: how to engage and challenge students while also ensuring courses are flexible enough for all students to be able to engage (here’s one example, from Tufts University). But, as we discuss in this episode of our podcast,… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning Podcast: Bringing Belonging to the Classroom

We wrapped up our second season with a closer look at a theme that has come up repeatedly in our podcast: belonging. Our interviews with faculty have focused on a wide range of topics, including antiracist pedagogy, accessibility, experiential learning, well-being, and religious diversity. But, in conversation after conversation, the faculty, staff, and students we… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning Podcast: Religious and Spiritual Diversity in the Classroom

Religious and spiritual identity is a complex, often invisible, and important element in the diversity of our students; our approach to this diversity can powerfully shape a student’s experiences in our courses. As we explore in the current episode of our podcast, What We’re Learning About Learning, some choices can help all of our students… Read more »

What We’re Learning About Learning Podcast: Supporting Student Wellbeing and Learning

Students everywhere have experienced the brunt of the pandemic not only through learning loss but also through extended, well-documented mental health issues. Results from a survey done by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health in 2021 show that students struggle to cope with coursework and the pressure to excel in school, especially as their priorities… Read more »