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Get Backward on Technology

These days there’s always some new technology, something new and shiny, to bring into the classroom. But “new” and “shiny” are not, in themselves, good reasons to adopt a new technology in your classroom; nor are they good reasons to reject it. Whether we’re talking about a virtual reality headset, a collaborative online game, the… Read more »

Charged Learning Spaces: Teaching After the Election

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, many classrooms have become charged and fraught spaces. Regardless of the subject matter, students carry their feelings and opinions into the room. Some may be elated and others may be shaken, grieving, and fearful; any of these feelings (and more) might affect students’ ability to learn. In some… Read more »

Teach Responsively: Hear from Students with a Mid-Semester Group Feedback Session

How are your classes going? The middle of the semester, while there’s still time to make adjustments, is a great time to ask that question, but we know finding the answer might be difficult. Luckily, CNDLS is here to help. As part of our assessment work, CNDLS offers Mid-Semester Group Feedback sessions—otherwise known as MSGFs—to any… Read more »

Advice for New (from Not-So-New) Faculty

The start of the academic year brings several thousand new Hoyas to the Hilltop, but not all of them are students! As part of New Faculty Orientation, CNDLS spoke with ten experienced Georgetown faculty—Nathan Hensley (English), Leslie Hinkson (Sociology), Theresa Keeley (SFS), Jason Tilan (Nursing), Matthew Pavesich (English), Lahra Smith (SFS), Dennis Williams (English), Yulia… Read more »

Create Meaningful Learning Experiences with Curricular Enrichment & Diversity Grants

Want to add a co-curricular activity to your course, but need additional support? Have a guest speaker in mind who would be perfect for your course, but your department doesn’t have funds available? There are many ways to engage students and offer transformative experiences in (and outside of) your classroom, but it’s not always easy—and not… Read more »