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President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

Congratulations to Professor Derek Goldman (Performing Arts) and Professor Christian Wolf (Chemistry) on receiving the President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers. For the past three years, Georgetown University has recognized distinguishing faculty who have made an outstanding impact on the University’s dual research and teaching mission. Goldman is a co-founder of Georgetown’s Laboratory for Global Performance… Read more »

Announcement of Round 5 ITEL Awardees

CNDLS is delighted to announce funding decisions for the fifth Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ITEL) call, including members of the four ITEL cohorts and recipients of both Open Track grants and GeorgetownX MOOCs. ITEL provides faculty the funding and support they need to bring technology-focused teaching and learning projects to life. Awarded faculty will be… Read more »

First Studio Learning Symposium Held at Georgetown July 28-30

Georgetown’s first Studio Learning Symposium assembled a group of faculty, students and administrators to explore the challenges and opportunities of incorporating studio-based pedagogies in departments across the university. Co-sponsored by CNDLS and the Writing Program, the symposium ran from July 28 to 30, 2015, and welcomed participants from Georgetown and elsewhere. Broadly speaking, a studio… Read more »

Video Series: TLISI Stories

This year’s Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) featured a host of new events including PODS (Productive Open Design Spaces), the SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) Series, daily wellness activities, and keynote talks by Jeff Selingo and President DeGioia. The event also brought together over 250 faculty and staff from 43 departments representing… Read more »

CNDLS and SCS Partner to Create Project Management Online Certificate Program

Our instructional designers have been hard at work developing a Project Management Online Certificate Program, and we are excited to share the results! Through the Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), the Project Management Online Certificate is the first full certificate program offered fully online through SCS…. Read more »

CNDLS presents at CENTILE Colloquium for GUMC Educators in Health Professions

The second annual Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE) Colloquium for GUMC Educators in the Health Professions took place on Tuesday, June 2, and featured several sessions highlighting the work of the Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ITEL). Our own CNDLS staff, Susan Pennestri and Graduate Associate Eleri Syverson presented on a year-long ITEL project… Read more »

Designing Assignments around Formational Outcomes

Georgetown’s Jesuit mission has an explicit, “formational” focus—looking beyond mere factual recall and toward the student as an interconnected whole. How do we design assignments that can effectively implement formational goals? Dan Bernstein, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Kansas, shared his experiences experimenting with formational goals in his own… Read more »

Who is the Georgetown Student?

Georgetown students are often characterized as “high achieving.”  The stereotypical undergraduate is juggling 5-8 extracurriculars, a full course load, and a job.  But where do these young individuals come from, and why is the Georgetown student so high achieving? What do students juggle in their interior selves, and how does that impact what they produce… Read more »

Designing for Learning: Assignments that Work

This morning’s session, led by Matt Pavesich and David Lipscomb from the Writing Program and the Writing Center respectively, shared structured techniques for improving assignments. Matt and David initially offered the audience the opportunity to meditate on an assignment assigned in a previous semester that, for whatever reason, needed to be re-explained to students at the… Read more »

Tasting, Creating, and Packaging an Online Environment

Yianna Vovides, the Director of Learning Design and Research at CNDLS, kicked off “Chocolate by Design” by announcing her flexible approach to online classroom design. Having worked with online design workshops for fifteen years, she then confessed that she quickly grew bored of the “traditional” workshops for online design. This boredom prompted the CNDLS team… Read more »