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Digital Learning Days Panel: Making use of AI in the classroom

Earlier this month, faculty from across Georgetown came together to discuss teaching with AI and more at Digital Learning Days, a two-day CNDLS event centered around the current and future possibilities of teaching with technology. On Tuesday, January 9, fellows from the Initiative on the Pedagogical Uses of AI discussed how they’re using AI in… Read more »

LEAP Facilitator David Ebenbach Shares his Answer to “Why inclusive pedagogy?”

[Pictured: LEAP community gathering from the Fall 2023 semester. LEAP facilitators (including David!) and faculty from participating academic units gathered in Car Barn 315 to meet with one another, and share how LEAP work is going for them.] As the Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy (LEAP) Initiative at CNDLS grows, we’ll be spotlighting a few… Read more »

¡Presente! Gallery Visit Brings Students Closer to their Heritage, Course Content, and Community

In line with Georgetown’s mission to offer students with opportunities to “build community, and empower lives of purpose, service, and leadership,” Curriculum Enrichment Grants (CEGs) offered by CNDLS support course-related activities that strengthen the intellectual climate and provide students with first-hand experiences and exposure to the material they read about in their coursework.

New Faculty Meet CNDLS

The Car barn doors at a low 45 degree angle looking up.

On Thursday, September 14, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship hosted a luncheon for faculty new to Georgetown University. CNDLS staff offered one-on-one time, and the gathering served as an opportunity for incoming faculty to meet colleagues in other departments, and get to know CNDLS programs.

Professor James Freericks Selected as Finalist for edX Prize

Congratulations to Georgetown Professor James Freericks, Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt, L.C.H.S. Chair in Physics, whose Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) made its way into the top 10 finalists for the edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning. The prize recognizes exceptional educators for their innovative contributions to… Read more »

Engelhard Professor Sylvia Önder’s Reflection on the “Care House” Concept

Screenshot of a computer generated house, looking down at it a 45 degree angle. The house is situated among a green yard with mountains in the background.

Engelhard Faculty Fellow Sylvia W. Önder, Teaching Professor in Anthropology, Head of the Turkish Program, and Core Faculty in the Disability Studies Program reflects on teaching with Care Houses in her courses. Amidst the shock of having the Spring 2020 semester interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we entered a period in which everything seemed uncertain…. Read more »

CNDLS/Library Collaboration Supports Innovative Scholarship

This year, CNDLS worked with the Georgetown University Library to offer a pilot program for Digital Research and Innovation (DRI) at Georgetown. This program offers faculty an opportunity to enhance their research with digital tools and methodologies, as well as staff support in learning and implementing those technologies.  In the Fall semester, we invited faculty… Read more »

Beyond Inclusion: The Tethering of the College Classroom to a Socially Just Society

Regardless of disciplinary expertise, how can we create a more just society in our capacities as educators? Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, scientist and innovative scholar focused on inclusive teaching, discussed a few responses to this question at the Learning, Equity, Access, and Pedagogy Initiative’s event this spring, “Beyond Inclusion: The Tethering of the College Classroom to… Read more »

Gender in the Classroom: New Podcast Episode from What We’re Learning About Learning

Gender profoundly affects identity and power structures in the classroom, and many faculty who recognize this are working thoughtfully to promote gender inclusivity in their classrooms. In doing so, they are drawing from a wealth of good evidence-based practices. Indeed, recent scholarship has strived to move from understanding biases in the classroom to preparing effective… Read more »