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CNDLS Fellow Betsi Stephen Creates Innovative Online Course, Brings Together Georgetown Main Campus and SFS Qatar Students

At CNDLS, we support educational innovation at Georgetown through the incorporation of new technologies in the classroom, virtual learning environments, and more to create new and exciting learning experiences for students, including the ability to teach courses to students located across the world. CNDLS Senior Fellow Betsi Stephen (SFS), a veteran professor of online and… Read more »

Reflections on Digital Learning Developments: CNDLS Executive Director Featured in “Inside Higher Ed”

It is hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close. This year has been a promising one for the development of new technologies and initiatives in digital learning and scholarship in higher education. In the spirit of reflection, Inside Higher Ed asked a panel of experts questions regarding their thoughts on the most… Read more »

Recording Lectures Made Easy: Apple Releases New Screen Recording Feature

For many faculty, recording class lectures may seem like a challenging and daunting process. Thanks to the latest Apple operating system update, instructors are now able to capture screen recordings directly from their iPhone or iPad devices making it easier to record lectures and integrate them into traditional face-to-face courses, a hybrid or flipped course,… Read more »

Georgetown Slavery Archive: Domains and Digital History

For some time, students and faculty at Georgetown have sought to record and respond to the university’s historical relationship with slavery, most notably an 1838 slave sale authorized by then President Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J. to fund continued operations. This year, the university has attracted considerable media attention for its institution-wide focus on this… Read more »

Engaging Students in Difficult Discussions

In recent weeks, we have all seen the power of student voices to effect change as student activists, at Georgetown and around the country, have demanded stronger responses from university officials over the many forms of racism on college campuses. At Georgetown, the conversations have led to incredible change, and this important dialogue is no… Read more »

Celebrating Ten Years of the Engelhard Project

On Thursday, October 1st, Georgetown students, faculty, and staff joined together with friends of the Engelhard community to celebrate 10 years of the Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning. Since 2005, the Engelhard Project has enriched the Georgetown experience and made a lasting impact on our community. To celebrate these ten years, CNDLS hosted… Read more »

Gelardin Offers 3D Printing Workshops for Faculty

Curious about the 3D printer now offered at the Gelardin New Media Center and how this new technology can inspire your students? All faculty are invited to attend a 3D printing information session demonstrating the technology. The demonstrations are drop-in from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and are offered several times between now and the end… Read more »