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Register for “Teaching and Learning with Domains” – Part of CNDLS Webinar Series

We see a close-up of the screen of a woman's laptop and the woman's hands as she types an email.

What would you do with a space on the web of your own? More importantly, what could you do with your students in your classes? Since 2015, Georgetown Domains has been providing an opportunity for all faculty, students, and staff to have their own websites. Georgetown Domains is more than a platform for creating online… Read more »

Shared Work: How Student Well-Being Can Bring Faculty and Staff Together

In an opinion piece published on Inside Higher Ed this week, CNDLS’ David Ebenbach argues that academic institutions depend on the efforts of many people doing many kinds of work; faculty and staff, for starters, are both essential to our students’ success. And yet at many colleges and universities there are few opportunities for faculty and… Read more »

Calling Interested Faculty: Join the Engelhard Project in Spring 2017

This spring, the Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning continues its eleventh year at Georgetown University. And we’re looking for new faculty fellows to work with us next semester in integrating innovative approaches to student well-being into their courses. Read on for more information about the project and how to apply. Rooted in the… Read more »

Inclusive Pedagogy Series Brings Faculty Together in Learner-Centered Conversation

This fall, CNDLS is excited to launch the Inclusive Pedagogy Series, a set of workshops and discussions focused on bringing inclusive pedagogy to the forefront of teaching and learning at Georgetown. Drawing on the work of Doyle and Engelhard, these workshops invite faculty to discuss issues of teaching and learning through the lens of inclusive… Read more »

2016 President’s Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

For four years, Georgetown has acknowledged distinguishing faculty who have had an extraordinary impact on research and student engagement through the President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers. In recognition of their incredible dedication to both the formation of young people and unrestrained scholarly inquiry, President DeGioia has named Darlene Howard (Psychology), Donald Langevoort (Law), and Anton Wellstein (Oncology & Pharmacology) as the recipients for 2016…. Read more »

Poised to Support Innovation in Higher Education, Georgetown Announces New Master’s in Learning and Design

For more than 15 years, CNDLS has worked to encourage a rich culture of learning for students at Georgetown, supporting faculty through a variety of programs, services, events, and resources. From curating effective teaching practices on the Teaching Commons, to shepherding campus courses into global online learning environments, to leading faculty in workshops about inclusive… Read more »