Posts By: Theresa Schlafly

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Congratulations to Natsu Onoda Power (Performing Arts)! Her adaptation of Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma premiered this week at Georgetown’s Davis Performing Arts Center.

Ellipsis Recognized at NMC Conference

Last week, Bill Garr, Assistant Director of Research and Development at CNDLS, traveled to the New Media Consortium’s conference in Madison, Wisconsin to present an interactive session on Ellipsis.

Assessment Portal Launched

CNDLS is pleased to share the new Assessment Portal, which collects a wide variety of resources related to assessment of student learning at Georgetown. You’ll find information about techniques for course- and program-level assessment, sample rubrics, relevant articles, and more.

Institute for the Study of Engaged Learning

This week, CNDLS is hosting the inaugural Institute for the Study of Engaged Learning (ISEL), a new annual event that will bring together faculty and student affairs staff members to discuss evidence of engaged learning in student work.

Engelhard Project Update

This week, members of the Engelhard Project team are attending a meeting of the Bringing Theory to Practice Project in Washington, D.C.

TLISI Recap: Bottlenecks and Thresholds Initiative

The three-day workshop for the Bottlenecks and Thresholds Initiative, a part of the Teaching Learning Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI), brought together faculty from a wide range of departments to discuss strategies to enhance student learning.

TLISI Recap: Doyle Initiative

The Doyle Faculty Fellows Sessions at this year’s TLISI were the first gatherings of the new 2011-12 Doyle fellows cohort. The new Doyle fellows will work together over the next 15 months to highlight issues of difference, inclusion and diversity within the regular content of their courses.

Summary of TLT 2011

This year’s Teaching, Learning, and Technology Institute brought together faculty and staff to work on technology-related teaching projects.