Posts By: Theresa Schlafly

Preview of Upcoming Language Conference

Over spring break, CNDLS is hosting a biannual language teaching technology conference, a joint effort of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Associations for Language Learning Technology (MAALLT and SEALLT).

MyDante in the News

A new video game based on Dante’s Inferno has gotten a lot of press lately. Two reporters approached Georgetown’s Frank Ambrosio (Philosophy) to get his reaction to the game’s depiction of Dante’s poem.

Friday, February 19th: Symposium on Social Media in the Classroom

The Tenth Scholarly Communication Symposium will feature three speakers who are deeply involved with social media on their campuses. CNDLS’ Eddie Maloney will join Gerry McCartney (Purdue University) and Ulises Mejias (State University of New York at Oswego) to discuss the implications of social media on teaching and learning.

Update on the Doyle Initiative

Fall 2009 was the inaugural semester of the Doyle Building Tolerance Initiative. We have been working with nine Doyle Faculty Fellows on redesigning their courses to incorporate themes of difference and diversity into their courses.