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Georgetown Doctoral Student Receives Prestigious Award

Congratulations to Sam Potolicchio (C’04, G’09, G’13; Visiting Professor, SCS), a doctoral student in American government who was recently recognized by the American Association of Colleges and Universities with the prestigious K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award.

“A New Culture of Learning”

In their recently published book, co-authors Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown point out that our current educational models are no longer suitable for the complexities of the world around us.

Course Blogs and Wikis

If you are planning to use a course blog or wiki this semester, please email or submit a request via the Tools page as soon as possible.

Derek Bruff on Clickers

In this brief video from Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching, Derek Bruff, who will be visiting CNDLS in February, shares some thoughts on how clickers can promote “agile teaching.”

Upcoming Blackboard Workshops

A number of Blackboard workshops are being offered over the next few weeks, on topics ranging from “Getting Started in Blackboard” to sessions focusing on assignments, groups, mashups, and collaborative features.