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Curriculum Enrichment Grant Helps Students Study River Health

Launched under the auspices of the Georgetown Learning Initiative (GLI), Curriculum Enrichment Grants (CEGs) support class-related activities that strengthen the intellectual climate around introductory level undergraduate courses. They help faculty and students gain access to the larger DC/MD/VA community, bringing the curricular and co-curricular together to give students in introductory classes a richer sense of… Read more »

Deeper Engagement Through Blogging

Astrid Weigert had never before taught a Gateway course, a required first-year writing intensive course for undergraduates, until she was asked to teach a class on Witches in History, Literature, and Film. Weigert found it difficult to engage the students in class discussions, and wanted to guide them to improve their academic writing. Astrid Weigert… Read more »

Blogging to Stimulate Discussion

For the course Introduction to the U.S. Political System, which boasts an enrollment of nearly 150 students, Mark Rom turned to a course blog to help stimulate class discussion and personal interaction among students. Because class discussion can be intimidating and unwieldy in such a large class, Rom decided to integrate a blog into his… Read more »

Exemplar Clicker Use in Biology by Matt Hamilton

Walking past the classroom where Matt Hamilton teaches Bio-104, the second semester of the introductory biology sequence, you might be surprised to see some 200 students eagerly flipping coins in small groups. Matt has turned learning about genetic drift, a complex and abstract concept, into an engaging activity that lets students experience and model the… Read more »