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“Awesome, Enlightening, and Challenging”: A Week with PODS

Throughout TLISI 2016, eight groups of professors, staff, students, and researchers started their mornings at the Productive Open Design Space (PODS). In its second year, PODS offers teams the opportunity to work on a project related to teaching and learning in a flexible studio environment as part of TLISI. In 2015, teams produced a wide… Read more »

Reinvigorating the Lecture: New Approaches to the Old Method

Once the norm for college classrooms, lectures nowadays are taboo. Not only perceived as old-fashioned and outmoded, lectures and lecturers receive a fair amount of scorn, the former considered to distance students from the content, and the latter portrayed as attention-seeking performers. Lectures render students passive, bored, disengaged. Lecturers are “sages on stages,” acting out… Read more »