Posts By: Noah Leiter

CNDLS/Library Collaboration Supports Innovative Scholarship

This year, CNDLS worked with the Georgetown University Library to offer a pilot program for Digital Research and Innovation (DRI) at Georgetown. This program offers faculty an opportunity to enhance their research with digital tools and methodologies, as well as staff support in learning and implementing those technologies.  In the Fall semester, we invited faculty… Read more »

Multimodal and Multimedia Storytelling Using StoryMaps

On March 16, CNDLS hosted a Digital Learning Webinar on ways to incorporate StoryMaps in course design. ArcGis’ StoryMaps is an online digital storytelling platform which uses maps and multimedia to enable users to shape narratives about any topic, spanning any discipline. ArcGis’ blog post on DC’s famous cherry blossom trees serves as one example… Read more »

Propose a Session for TLISI 2023

There is exciting, innovative teaching happening all around us. Educators at Georgetown continue to craft new ways to engage with students, refine already-effective strategies, build inclusive spaces, and work to convey the knowledge and skills that will be relevant to them across different careers and in different aspects of their lives. We’re glad to announce… Read more »

Using a Curriculum Enrichment Grant to Support Primate Research in Kenya

Launched under the Georgetown Learning Initiative (GLI), curriculum enrichment/experiential learning grants (CEGs) support course-related activities that strengthen the intellectual climate. These grants were designed after “Call to Action: Curriculum and Learning at Georgetown”, which asked us to commit to enhancing the undergraduate learning culture by engaging all students. Consequently, these grants support course-related activities, speakers,… Read more »