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A Little Bit More on Georgetown Domains

Georgetown Domains Pedagogical Strategies

On Thursday September 27th, 2018, CNDLS kicked off our Digital Learning Webinar Series, beginning with “Teaching and Learning with Domains”. Read our follow-up blog post to view the complete session recording, as well as see answers to some of the questions we received during the live session.

Register for “Teaching and Learning with Domains” – Part of CNDLS Webinar Series

We see a close-up of the screen of a woman's laptop and the woman's hands as she types an email.

What would you do with a space on the web of your own? More importantly, what could you do with your students in your classes? Since 2015, Georgetown Domains has been providing an opportunity for all faculty, students, and staff to have their own websites. Georgetown Domains is more than a platform for creating online… Read more »