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Digital Humanities at Georgetown

As part of the Digital Humanities Panel, an interdisciplinary group of Georgetown faculty shared examples, methods, and ideas about how to build a network of resources to support digital humanities efforts across campus. In one example, Michael Ferreira (Spanish & Portuguese) collaborated with Mark Davies (BYU) to make the “O Corpus do Português” (a Portuguese corpus.)… Read more »

Walking Tour on History of Slavery at Georgetown

On Monday, May 23, Matthew Quallen (SFS ’16), a member of the Working Group on Slavery, Memory & Reconciliation, led an historical walking tour of sites on and around campus linked to  the history of slavery at Georgetown. The tour grew out of a project with the John Carroll Scholarship and was offered in April… Read more »

2016 Opens with Professor Shaun Harper: “Universities and the Mis-Education of White America: A Learning Imperative for Faculty and Administrators”

On Monday afternoon, CNDLS Executive Director Eddie Maloney welcomed TLISI attendees by expressing his excitement to bringing together people from across Georgetown campuses to think deeply about teaching and learning. He thanked the TLISI planning team and partners before welcoming Provost Groves to introduce Professor Shaun Harper, Executive Director of the Center for the Study… Read more »

2015-2016 Doyle Faculty Fellows Meet

The 2015-2016 Doyle Faculty Fellows met for the first time on May 18, at the Monday morning session of TLISI. Sixteen fellows from twelve disciplines were awarded the Fellowship position for next academic year. During the first morning of TLISI, the Fellows introduced themselves and the courses they plan to redesign. Three of the sixteen faculty members… Read more »