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Student, Staff, and Faculty Collaboration: CNDLS at the Virtual ISSOTL Conference

illustration by Clare Reid “Working with students, extending ourselves, and being receptive to the obstacles of 2020 helped us foster an agile mindset to a persistently uncertain academic and societal environment,” says Susannah McGowan, Associate Director for Curriculum Design at CNDLS and the Red House in a newly-posted panel discussion called “‘Things Are Different Now’:… Read more »

You’re Invited to the College Faculty Teaching Awards!

On Thursday, February 18, 2021, from 4:40-5:30pm, three members of the GU College Faculty—Patrick Johnson (Physics), Chandra Manning (History) and Libbie Rifkin (English)—will receive the Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award. This award is given to “exceptional educators who are deeply committed to enriching the undergraduate experience.” In the words of Interim Dean Soyica Diggs Colbert,… Read more »

Learning. Design. Analytics: CNDLS Guest Blogging on Improve with Metacognition

The Improve with Metacognition blog explores the learning process through a focus on metacognition, or “the use of reflective awareness to make timely adjustments (self-regulation) to behaviors that support a goal-directed process.” In other words, they and their guest bloggers explore the way that thinking about teaching and learning can lead to better teaching and… Read more »

In This Together: Teaching Circles

image by Karolina Grabowska One of the core principles undergirding our work at CNDLS is the belief that teaching is partly a community effort. While faculty members may enter their (virtual or physical) classrooms alone, our teaching is at its best when we engage with our fellow teachers outside those classrooms. That’s one of the… Read more »

Making Spring Semester More Manageable for You and Your Students

photo by Max van den Oetelaar Given the challenges of virtual and hybrid teaching, faculty self-care is going to be crucial to getting us all through the spring. But even self-care can be stressful if it means adding another to-do to our already-long lists. Luckily, self-care doesn’t have to add burdens, and neither does caring… Read more »

Teaching Through National Upheaval

image by Rosie Kerr The transition from one Presidential administration to the next is usually peaceful in the United States. In recent months, however, the process has become chaotic, heated, and violent. Events of this magnitude are sure to be on students’ minds when we start the spring semester. How should you handle the situation… Read more »

Digital Learning Days Are Here!

Digital Learning Days are back at CNDLS, running from December 8th through the 10th—and there’s still time to register. On the first day, our morning plenary session shared data gathered from students and faculty this past semester in order to provide a picture of our community’s experiences, successes, and challenges this fall. In the afternoon… Read more »

What We’re Reading: Opening Paths to Belonging

illustration by Clare Reid There’s more than one way for students to develop a sense of belonging; that’s the message from “Multiple Paths to Belonging That We Should Study Together,” a 2019 article by Jennifer L. Hirsch and Margaret S. Clark. But, given that this article was published before the pandemic, reading it now also… Read more »