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What We’re Learning About Learning Podcast: Supporting Student Wellbeing and Learning

Students everywhere have experienced the brunt of the pandemic not only through learning loss but also through extended, well-documented mental health issues. Results from a survey done by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health in 2021 show that students struggle to cope with coursework and the pressure to excel in school, especially as their priorities… Read more »

End of School Year 2022 Reflection

The 2022 school year was a school year like no other. Students, faculty and staff navigated through the changing regulations of COVID-19 with agility and endurance. Chelsea Zhang, a graduate associate at CNDLS and graduating public relations student, asked several students and faculty members to reflect on the 2021-2022 school year at Georgetown. 

The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis on Higher Education

Since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Georgetown has responded in myriad ways. From public prayer sessions to organized support by student clubs, the Georgetown community has expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Katya Sedova, a student from Ukraine currently studying at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), expressed her faith… Read more »

Our Interview with Instructional Technology Aides (ITAs)

In summer 2020 Georgetown launched a student-faculty partnership whereby students, in the role of Instructional Technology Aides (ITAs), use their technological skills to help facilitate a seamless hybrid or online learning environment for students and faculty. The ITA program at Georgetown enables students and faculty members not only to work smoothly with technology, but also… Read more »

CNDLS 2022 Website Refresh

It’s launch day! Since its inception in the early 2000s, our website has undergone significant changes in content, design, and functionality, and we’re excited to bring you our latest iteration. Head to and you’ll find that CNDLS has a new look, navigation, and lots of new content to share.

What We’re Learning About Learning: Concurrent Hybrid Teaching Resources

As we move back into the physical classroom space, we at CNDLS have collected a number of resources to help you plan, prepare, and troubleshoot possible concurrent hybrid learning situations. These resources are available in multiple modalities–written guides, video tutorials, and podcast episodes that focus on professors’ personal experience. 

This Week in Higher Ed – The Harvard Sexual Assault Case

Accordingly to two recent articles from Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education, Harvard University largely ignored reports of repeated sexual assaults on the part of a long-time professor, perpetuating a culture of indifference towards sexual assault.

Women in Leadership – This Week in Higher Ed

This week, we examine two articles that talk about women in leadership. These articles from Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education talk about the importance of women in leadership at colleges, highlighting issues such as increased pay and the need for greater representation of women in colleges.

Reflections this Martin Luther King, Jr Day – The Power of Education

    Each year, Georgetown University’s MLK: “Let Freedom Ring!” Initiative encourages members of our community to reflect on one of Dr. King’s famous speeches. This year focused on the “I Have a Dream” speech and all that it symbolizes for American society, education, and learning. For the seventh year, the spring semester initiative was… Read more »

CNDLS 2021 Holiday Reading List

The winter holiday season is upon us, with an academic break promising lots of cozy reading time. Here’s a list of our recent faves that have captured our attention for different reasons:  Distracted: Why Students Can’t Focus and What You Can Do About It by James Lang. An engaging and swift read, this book examines… Read more »