Announcing new CNDLS Workshop on Thriving During College

Stack of balanced river rocks

Stack of balanced river rocks

CNDLS is pleased to announce a new workshop on Thriving During College to be held Friday, September 24th, from 12pm-1pm on zoom. You can sign up for the virtual workshop via this form.

More than ever, it’s an important time to think about, and focus on, student thriving. As we transition from completely online teaching and learning to in-person and on-campus classes and interactions, it’s easy for students—and ourselves—to feel overwhelmed and not bring our best selves to all areas of our life. By gaining an understanding of what helps students (and, really, anyone) successfully navigate transitions such as these, we can help our students settle into new and different rhythms of daily life and regain control over their schedules and academic engagements.

The workshop will focus on the three main components of Thriving in College—academic thriving, interpersonal thriving, and intrapersonal thriving, based on the work of Laurie Schreiner and others. We will discuss how transitions pose a challenge to and an opportunity for thriving, share the hallmarks of successful transitions, and include concrete take-aways for teaching practice and the classroom.

Photo Credit: Helena Tremblay