What We’re Reading: An Antiracist-Science Reading List

illustration by Clare Reid

I created a growing antiracist reading list because of a desire to be engaged in the movement for social equity and an end to institutionalized racism and violence. General anti-racist reading lists are helpful, but there is also a need to examine and challenge institutionalized racism in specific fields, and to then do the equally hard work of changing the field. I am a scientist and science teacher. Science is my field.  

The point of this list is partially to help myself. I want to buff up my own knowledge and understanding. If we are to make changes, we should understand why and how. I hope this work helps you find literature that might deepen your understanding of this crucial topic. I also hope that if there are gaps, or material that you feel belongs here, that you will share that with me. If you want to discuss these topics, please, please tell me; I am looking to engage.

(If you are a faculty member at Georgetown, I have a shared folder that includes how different STEM faculty here have incorporated Inclusive Pedagogy elements into their courses to address inequities and build better courses for all their students. If you are not, I would be happy to share what I have done, and discuss what I have learned from literature and personal experience.) 

The true goal of this list is to build a better, more equitable future in our field and a better science.  

MC Chan is a Faculty Fellow at CNDLS and a professor in the Biology Department at Georgetown University. He recently received the Bunn Award for Faculty Excellence.