Exploring New Educational Technologies at CNDLS

This summer, CNDLS has been experimenting with the latest innovations in educational technology to better understand how to incorporate them into classrooms across Georgetown. Recently, our staff has had the chance to explore three tools in particular including  Zoom, Google’s Jamboard, and Cisco’s Webex Board.

Zoom is a synchronous collaboration tool that allows users to host a virtual class, hold office hours, and share real-time screen content with participants. Zoom’s platform creates unique opportunities for remote collaboration. To learn more about its share screen and breakout groups features which creates new opportunities for student projects and presentations, read the full blog post.

Google’s Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard that allows users to visualize their ideas in a new and collaborative way. Jamboard is connected to a user’s Google account, letting users import documents from their Google Drive and host Google Hangouts. Read the full blog post about how Jamboard’s novel approach to whiteboard style collaboration can make visual classroom activities accessible for remote students.

Similar to Google’s Jamboard, Cisco’s Webex is an all-in-one interactive whiteboard device optimal for collaboration. With its own suite of applications, the Webex Board integrates the most common tools needed for collaboration into a single device. To learn more about its document annotation and wireless screen mirroring for classroom use, read the full blog post.

For information about all of these new tools and more, visit our website, cndls.georgetown.edu, or contact us to set up a time to meet with a CNDLS staff member.