Ending the Semester: Looking Back, Looking Forward

If a semester is a marathon, then a school year is back-to-back marathons; it’s understandable if, by this point, many of us are focused only on finishing. But these last weeks can be meaningful in their own right. If you can find the energy, this moment is a great opportunity to look around.

You might take the time to look back, for example—have you done what you set out to do in your courses? There’ll be teaching evaluations, of course, but those surveys may not ask the questions you care most about, and you might be interested in feedback meant only for your own eyes. Why not collect your own information? The Gathering Teaching Feedback Teaching Commons page can get you started with ideas.

Meanwhile, it’s also a good time for students to assemble their own big picture. As our Ending the Semester page suggests, a thoughtful course conclusion can help students cement connections between all the various things they’ve learned this semester. It can also prepare them for the ways that this semester’s work will carry forward into further coursework or even their lives outside of college.

In other words, the finish is a big moment, full of potential. All the best from CNDLS as you seize the opportunity and wrap things up. As always, reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help!