CEG in Action: Students Explore Environmental and Food Activism in Southwest DC

Want to add a co-curricular activity to your course, but need additional support? Have a guest speaker in mind who would be perfect for your course, but your department doesn’t have funds available? Over the years, CNDLS has awarded hundreds of curriculum enrichment grants (CEGs) to faculty across departments in support of engaging class-related activities in introductory undergraduate courses.

On October 17, Yuki Kato (Sociology) and students from the Environmental and Food Justice Movements seminar used a CEG to travel to Southwest DC and explore community gardens and meet with local activists. This visit highlighted the intersection of environmental and food justice, the compounding impact of structural inequalities on social injustice, and the importance of local involvement, coalition building, “positionality” recognition, and sustained self-care for activists.


To learn more about this incredible example of community-based learning in action, check out Kato’s post on the course blog. If you’re interested in learning more about CEGs or applying for a grant of your own, please visit our website or feel free to get in touch—we’re happy to talk!