Poised to Support Innovation in Higher Education, Georgetown Announces New Master’s in Learning and Design

For more than 15 years, CNDLS has worked to encourage a rich culture of learning for students at Georgetown, supporting faculty through a variety of programs, services, events, and resources. From curating effective teaching practices on the Teaching Commons, to shepherding campus courses into global online learning environments, to leading faculty in workshops about inclusive pedagogy, our Center has always strived to be leader in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

In an effort to expand the scope and impact of this work, we are delighted to share the approval of a new graduate program in learning and design at Georgetown. The Master of Arts in Learning and Design (MLD) is designed to prepare students to serve as creative thought leaders, technology innovators, and learning designers who are ready to engage with the most pressing questions influencing the future of higher education, in the classroom and across colleges and universities. A focus on design means seeing teaching and learning as a space that should be shaped intentionally, based on multidisciplinary research, the needs and characteristics of the learners, and an understanding of the entire learning ecosystem. At the same time, the program approaches learning as complex problem without a single “designable” solution.  We recognize that learning sits at the intersection of interdisciplinary knowledge, action, formation, and social justice.  Bringing together teaching expertise from multiple academic fields and drawing from Georgetown’s philosophical tradition of educating the whole person, MLD equips students across four tracks—Learning Design, Technology Innovation, Learning Analytics, and Higher Education Leadership—to address challenges and create environments that enable students to navigate this complexity.

CNDLS’ own responsive, collaboration-oriented practices—honed from years of experience partnering with faculty, departments, and centers across Georgetown and other universities—are deeply embedded in the curriculum. Innovation at the intersection of analytics, inclusion, technology, and design has always been at the heart of our work to advance teaching and learning on the Hilltop, and MLD students will have the opportunity to draw from evidence-based practices across these fields as they work with CNDLS to apply their learning—and own discoveries—in classroom settings. We look forward to shaping a new generation of educators as MLD welcomes its first cohort in August 2017.

Those interested in learning more about the Master of Arts in Learning and Design can visit the program website at learninganddesign.georgetown.edu or view admissions information through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Any department at Georgetown, as well as teaching and learning centers at other schools, are encouraged to share this announcement with prospective students. If you have any questions, please contact the program at learninganddesign@georgetown.edu.