2016 President’s Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers

For four years, Georgetown has acknowledged distinguishing faculty who have had an extraordinary impact on research and student engagement through the President’s Award for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers. In recognition of their incredible dedication to both the formation of young people and unrestrained scholarly inquiry, President DeGioia has named Darlene Howard (Psychology), Donald Langevoort (Law), and Anton Wellstein (Oncology & Pharmacology) as the recipients for 2016.

Darlene Howard, a dedicated researcher and professor in our Department of Psychology, has motivated her students and fellow colleagues since her arrival at Georgetown more than four decades ago. She is a prolific researcher and has published more than 90 papers, in addition to authoring Cognitive Psychology: Memory, Language, and Thought, a textbook that is relied upon in the field of cognitive psychology. Her research and contributions to the growth of the study of “implicit learning” is exemplary, and her students consistently remark on the extraordinary influence she has had on their lives.

Donald Langevoort is a renowned expert in the field of securities law and is deeply valued as a consultant and a collaborator by students and colleagues at our Law Center. He is often sought out for his expertise—his work has been cited in opinions issued by justices of the Supreme Court—and he has testified multiple times before Congressional committees on issues relating to insider trading and securities litigation reform. Langevoort is also known for his dynamic classroom teaching, instilling a passion in his students for corporate and securities law.

Anton Wellstein is a committed teacher and a creative researcher who fosters an environment of growth and exploration, both in his classroom and throughout our Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and our Departments of Pharmacology and Oncology, where he serves as a professor. He is known for his dedication to mentoring students and for his relentless commitment to encouraging the development of scientists willing to explore new territories and make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in his field.

The Georgetown community is welcomed to hear from all three awardees at the Fall Faculty Convocation on Thursday, October 20, at 5 PM in Gaston Hall. This event is also an opportunity to celebrate faculty members who have recently received tenure or promotion and to hear from guest speaker David Skorton, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

To learn more about the President’s Awards for Distinguished Scholar-Teachers and view previous awardees, visit the website. CNDLS extends a warm congratulations to all recognized faculty!