Bringing Theory to Practice Case Study on the Engelhard Project

The Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning was recently featured in a series of case studies commissioned by the Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) Project, the group which provided funding for Engelhard from 2005 to 2015, when it was permanently endowed by the Charles Engelhard Foundation. Highlighting BTtoP programming at California State University, ChicoDickinson CollegeKingsborough Community College & CUNY Graduate CenterSt. Lawrence UniversitySchool of the Art Institute of Chicago, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln alongside Georgetown, these studies offer the opportunity for learning and reflection on the intersections of student learning, civic engagement, and well-being on college campuses.

We encourage you to read more about the case studies, including the note on reading case studies provided by L. Lee Knefelkamp, BTtoP Senior Scholar and Professor Emerita of Psychology and Education at Colombia University. Stressing that each study has a context—an institutional history, a cultural climate, a programmatic precedent—Knefelkamp presents a series of questions to help guide your reading.

› What has been learned about students or about shaping campus culture in the case study?
› How can the information gleaned inform what is happening on your own campus?
› What does the data say? What data should have been collected?
› How can the learning from the case be adapted to your own campus (or classroom)?
› What are the core learnings from the case, both in terms of who students are and how campuses can be responsive?
› What pragmatic plans can your campus make and what is the realistic scope and timelines for such an intervention?
› What are the characteristics of the team that would design and implement a new program?

Many thanks to Bringing Theory to Practice for your continued support of the Engelhard Project! We look forward to learning more about the success of BTtoP programs at partner campuses, and encourage the Georgetown community to do the same.

The Engelhard Project for Connecting Life and Learning focuses on teaching to the whole student by helping Georgetown faculty link academic course content to health and well-being topics relevant to student lives. By incorporating health and well-being issues into the classroom, the Project fosters academic learning and encourages students to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors. Learn more about faculty stories or contact for more information.