Congratulations to CNDLS Staff!

This semester has been an exciting one, with several CNDLS staff receiving recognition for their work both in and outside of the Car Barn.

This semester, Evee Ung, a CNDLS Graduate Associate on the Faculty Initiatives team, won the Ora Mary Phelam Poetry Prize through the Department of English. Established in 1988 by Georgetown Alumnus J. Patrick Lannan, Jr., in honor of his mother and sponsored through the Academy of American Poets College Prize Program, this prize is awarded each spring for the most outstanding poem, or group of poems, submitted by an undergraduate or graduate student. Ung will be listed in the July issue of the Academy of American Poets monthly newsletter, Poetry Pilot.

A chapter by Mihaela David, CNDLS Business Manager, was published in March as part of Governing the North American Arctic: Sovereignty, Security, and Institutions, a book which explores the history and challenges of federal oversight in Alaska, the Canadian Far North, and Greenland. In “Strong Foothold or On Thin Ice? US Strategies for Development, Environmental Stewardship, and Security in the Arctic,” David considers the May 2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region, a White House document outlining strategic priorities in response to diminishing sea ice.

Each spring, the University of Massachusetts Press and University of Massachusetts Amherst MFA Program for Poets and Writers announce the winners of the annual Juniper Literary Prize Series. Named after Fort Juniper, the house that poet Robert Francis built by hand in western Massachusetts, the Juniper Prize Series awards two prizes each for poetry and for fiction. This April, David Ebenbach, a CNDLS Postdoctoral Researcher, won the story prize for his third collection, The Guy We Didn’t Invite to the Orgy, which will be published this fall. You can read “Everyone Around Me,” one of the collected stories, on Cerise Press.

At the Spring Faculty Convocation on April 5, Maggie Debelius, CNDLS Director of Faculty Initiatives, was one of 41 Gold Vicennial Medalists, faculty members and academic professionals who have served at the university full time for 20 years. Debelius was recognized alongside 14 Silver Vicennial Medalists who have served at Georgetown part time over the same period, as well as 15 Distinguished Philanthropists who were inducted into the 1789 Society.

Our congratulations goes out to the many CNDLS co-authors on “Visualization of Twitter Data in the Classroom,” which has been accepted for publication in the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. The publication is co-authored and based on work by Professor Betsy Sigman as part of her ITEL project “Integrating Real-time Big Data Analysis and Visualization for Better Decision-making,” which is focused on developing both undergraduate and graduate coursework on real-time Big Data. The CNDLS team involved includes Marie Selvanadin, Bill Garr, and Mindy McWilliams, as well as former CNDLS staffer Rob Pongsajapan.

Early this spring, CNDLS Executive Director Eddie Maloney took part in “Reinvent the Humanities to Change the World,” a series of high profile conversations with leading scholars, innovators, and humanities practitioners on the role of the humanities in creating a sustainable and interconnected future. Featured on—a media startup that gathers top innovators in video conversations about how to fundamentally reinvent our world—Maloney joined Peter Leyden, Reinvent’s founder, to discuss the humanities as an antidote to multitasking, arguing that working through difficult literary texts not only strengthens resilience and builds concentration skills, but also helps people to challenge assumptions and increase empathy. The conversation series is happening in partnership with Georgetown’s Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative, and you can watch the full series—including Maloney’s interview—at Reinvent.

Congratulations to our amazing group of professionals and scholars for their incredible work! We’re thankful to have such a talented team.