Doyle Program Hosts Alumni Reunion Event

On Thursday, January 28, CNDLS hosted a reunion event, Doyle Dine & Design, for current and former Doyle Program faculty fellows. This event was an opportunity for fellows from all seven years of faculty cohorts to connect with one another and discuss a wide range of current issues relating to diversity—from national conversations on race in higher education to the upcoming implementation of the diversity core curriculum requirement at Georgetown.

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Small groups discussed primary issues related to diversity on campus as well as the current atmosphere surrounding the diversity course requirement, sharing departmental experiences and individual classroom approaches. Michelle Ohnona, CNDLS Faculty Fellow and Georgetown’s Diversity Requirement Coordinator, provided an overview of the new core curriculum requirement, noting that the requirement’s learning goals have prompted exciting conversations in various disciplines across all schools. Michelle, along with other members of the Doyle team, led discussions centered on challenges of implementing the requirement. Attendees brainstormed additional resources that might be helpful to support faculty at Georgetown—not only in light of the new requirement, but also with regard to the university’s ongoing commitment to engaging diversity both locally and globally. Pleased to be a part of these campus-wide and national conversations, the Doyle Program plans to host future gatherings to continue to engage these issues.

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Faculty Fellowships, offered as part of the Doyle Engaging Difference Program, create curricular opportunities for faculty to promote student engagement with themes of difference and diversity. Fellows work together in a year-long cohort, redesigning one of their undergraduate courses with these themes in mind. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2016-2017 cohort.