CNDLS and SCS Partner to Create Project Management Online Certificate Program

Our instructional designers have been hard at work developing a Project Management Online Certificate Program, and we are excited to share the results!

Through the Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), the Project Management Online Certificate is the first full certificate program offered fully online through SCS. The six courses, including Project Management Fundamentals, The Project Manager’s Toolkit, Leading Project Teams, Project Risk Management, Business Strategy and Program Management, and a capstone course, Managing Projects in the Real World, first ran March through June 2015.

The program’s development included an instructional design process that centered around competency-based learning to enable visibility of learning for both learners, faculty, and administration. Courses are designed with an asynchronous model so that students can work at their own pace. Students engage in both individual and group activities, such as discussions, case study assessments, and recorded video presentations. The process of development of the courses started with a team approach to curriculum mapping. The team included the program managers, subject matter experts/faculty, and instructional designers. This team worked together to initially identify the domains and develop competencies for each course. The curriculum was designed and developed by creating assignments and content aligned to competencies. The final step involved the creation of a monitoring and evaluation plan.

CNDLS thanks the SCS faculty and administration who worked with us to create this online certificate program. We look forward to future work with our partners.