Teletandem Project Connects Brazilian and American Students

Nelia Gustafson, Language Learning Lab Manager, shares the following update on the Teletandem Project at Georgetown:

March 15 marked the start of the Teletandem project for students in Andrea Echeverria’s Intensive Intermediate Portuguese class.  The class met in the Language Learning Technology Center’s Technology Classroom, and through Skype, Georgetown students connected with students at the State University of São Paulo in Assis, São Paulo, Brazil.

For the hour-long class, 30 minutes were spent speaking Portuguese and the other 30 minutes spent speaking English.  The Georgetown students were very excited to speak with the Brazilian students, in both languages, and they were able to identify the challenges they were having with the other’s language.  Under the guidance of Michael Ferreira, director of the Portuguese  Language Program, and João Telles (UNESP-Assis), director of the Teletandem Brasil Project, students will converse twice a week between now and the end of the semester.

Georgetown’s official partnership with the Teletandem Brasil Project began in the Fall of 2010 when João A. Telles, the project’s creator and director, served as Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. João and Michael taught two sections of Advanced Portuguese Conversation using the Teletandem system in a structured environment to troubleshoot a semester-long course using this approach. For more information on the Teletandem Brasil Project, please visit: