Shift in Thinking about Teaching and Research

In a recent Science article entitled “Changing the Culture of Science Education at Research Universities, biologists from 11 research universities call for a significant shift in attitudes toward teaching and research. They ask: “How do we now help transform our research universities so that the teaching of science and scientific research are seen more broadly as equally valuable and mutually reinforcing?” The authors propose seven initiatives to promote excellent teaching, including the education of faculty about research on learning, the recognition of outstanding teachers through awards, and the establishment of peer teaching groups.

This theme of balancing teaching and research has recently been addressed by members of Georgetown’s faculty in the video montages shown at the Fall Faculty Convocation. You can view those montages as well as additional video clips on the Georgetown Learning Initiatives site.

A number of CNDLS programs align with the initiatives proposed by the article’s authors.  For example, the AT Program’s Teaching Circle and the more recent Communities of Practice for faculty using clickers and lecture capture software are designed to bring participants together to discuss pedagogical challenges and share teaching strategies. We plan to develop more such opportunities for Georgetown faculty soon.